Today is the day!!

Today I started the first step in living my best life! Yay!

It all started a few weeks ago with many thoughts on how to organize my life, how to loose weight and get healthy both physically and mentally. A few times while I was watching YouTube videos and reading articles online I thought, maybe I should write about my journey. I can write about the accomplishments and the struggles and see where it takes me.

I enjoy writing and I've always wanted to write something, so why not write this!!!

Maybe making my journey public will encourage me to be accountable, to be honest and transparent with myself above all else. I have tried many times to be organized and healthy and it always started out great but I end up failing. Does this happen to anyone else? I get inside my own head and it messes with my motivation, my drive, my ambition and then I end up failing. I blame myself, I make my own ideas sounds silly and stupid and then criticize myself for even trying...then... I end up trying something else months later and fall into that rinse and repeat cycle. The pandemic hasn't helped any. Things are closed here in Ontario so there isn't really a whole lot to do. I go to work and come home. I feel my family is struggling with the lock down and with everything else they are seeing in the media. I need to take some control of my world, my mental and physical health and even though my kids are all in their late teens and 20's, I need to set an example for myself and for them.

Today I started with a healthy choice. I reached out to a personal trainer I know and have started a healthy journey to nutrition and exercise and weight loss. Weight loss is my biggest goal, but I want to do it in a healthy way. No 50 pounds in 4 months for me. Slow and steady, healthy and maintainable. Those are my key goals in this part of my journey.

Day 1 begins with a meeting with my coach, a nutrition meeting and a bedroom organization that I feel will take all weekend. Baby steps.

I hope that my journey brings me great success, and if this journey interests you in anyway please follow along and join in.

kind regard,


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