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Organization Frustration!!!

How many times have I said I'm going to organize this space and that space and worked on it for hours or days only to find a day later it's back to being a mess?

Well, with young adults living in the house, that happens quite a lot. I won't lie, it frustrated the crap out of me too. I work hard on an area and then come home from work to find it covered with take out bags, plates, cups and left over food. Argh!

I look at my room and I am famous for not putting laundry away right as soon as I bring it up. Laundry is one of those chores that never stops, but I feel many people hate. Like cleaning the kitchen! I finally got all the laundry away and I just started more laundry this morning. I made a goal to clean up and organize my bedroom this weekend and it has honestly been a slow, procrastinating, dilly dallying, kind of process this weekend.

I started with the best of intentions and I am not exactly sure where those intentions went to. But it is my goal to keep plugging through and making my space work better for me. Organization is always a struggle and no matter how many videos or series I watch about people showing me how to do it, what to use, or what works for different spaces, my own space always seems to be a constant revolving door or organized for a few days, to a slowly building hot mess.

I was never taught how to keep something organized or constantly clean and so the struggle is real folks. In trying to teach that to my own kids, it just makes for an interesting journey to try to maintain when I feel like it's something I start and restart over and over. This year I'm going to try to work on organizing things so that I don't have to constantly reorganize it a month later. I'm going to take the steps to work out what should go in this spot, or that. Together with the help of organization items and some help from the internet I will come out on top. Hopefully it isn't a pile of clothes that I come out on top of!

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